Looking for work: harder than you thought?

Not yet fully convinced of the direction you want to take in your career?  No problem! Through an extensive interview Bimona helps you with your search for the right job and the right company. 

Looking for a new challenge?

Do you feel that something is missing in your current work environment or are you looking for a new opportunity? You have built up extensive experience in your field of expertise but are in need of a new position/challenge? Then Bimona also has a wide range of vacancies for you! 

We seek ...

  • Who you are, what you are good at and what gives you energy.
  • Which company matches your values and standards.
  • Where you will have the opportunity to further develop your knowledge and talent.

Looking for work has never been so much fun! 

Would you like to discuss the possibilities? Then be sure to get in touch with us.

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Looking for work has never been so easy

CV screening

Looking for a (new) challenge?

Send us your CV or apply online for one of our vacancies (ICT, Life sciences, Engineering). We will go through your CV internally

  • career history,
  • education,
  • language skills,
  • knowledge of specific programs,
  • ....

and see what we can offer you.


Do we have a vacancy for which your profile fits? We will contact you by phone to explain the position and the company. If interested, we will present your profile to the employer, subject to approval. Looking for work has never been easier. 


If your response is positive, we will invite you for an introductory face-to-face interview in which we will take a closer look at "who you are" and "what you are looking for". We will look at your ambitions/expectations in the short and long term, your motivation and will examine the company culture that suits you best.

Interview with the employer

Now it's up to you!

We arrange an interview with your new potential employer and at the same time act as an intermediary. This way we get a picture from both sides about how the process is perceived and convey this feedback to all parties involved; "What did the client think of you?"  But equally, we want to know what your feedback is about the client. 

Contract Proposal

When the conversations with the client have been positive, you will receive a contract proposal from our client. This can range from a fixed contract to Consultancy or Freelance.

Follow up

When you have signed with our client, a new challenge starts for you! We will follow up with you on a regular basis to make sure the job turns out exactly as you expected. And of course we are always there for you if you have any further questions, comments or concerns.

In short, you're never alone!

Looking for work among our vacancies? Here you will also find the job that suits you best!

Are you one of the lucky few who knows which direction they want their career to take? That's great! With Bimona, finding a job has never been easier!  

You can quickly find the job that matches your profile on our various job pages. All you have to do is apply your preferences when filtering through the proposed jobs. Whether you want to search for jobs by:

  • sector,
  • job
  • content or degree,
  • ....

Everything is possible at Bimona! 

Who would have thought that looking for work could be so much fun?

Are you ready to get your dream job? Then take a look at our vacancy pages ICT, Life Sciences & Engineering. And who knows, maybe we’ll see you soon!

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Curious to see your match?

Do you still have questions or would you like some more information about a particular vacancy? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions. 

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Anne Verbeeck - Managing partner

Recruitment and selection: Our expertise

example coding as offer within recruitment and selection
ICT & Digital
Project Managers, Infrastructure & Support Staff, Security Specialists, IT Managers, BI, Architects, Business, Functional, Data & Process Analysts, Developers, ...
Process Engineer, Project Managers, E&I, QA, Production & Logistics, Project Managers, Site Managers, Prevention Advisor, Operators, HVAC, Mechanical, ...
Life Sciences

Bachelor & Masters & Doctorates in various specializations for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Recruitment and selection and so much more

Only by speaking the same language, we understand your needs and make a difference. 

View the result here

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24 March 2022
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Vacancies in the spotlight

What if we told you now that Bimona is more than just a recruitment and selection company?

Previously Bimona focused primarily on recruitment and selection but over the years our expertise has grown and we have identified a wider range of needs:

  • Our client base + our database expanded enormously within Life scienceEngineering en ICT;
  • We get more requests to fill in temporary projects;
  • We increasingly receive the request of consultants and freelancers for temporary projects.

Thus, we expanded our expertise /core business - Recruitment and Selection - and started to delve more and more into the request for consultants for long-term projects and freelancers.

A permanent contract of indefinite duration

Recruitment and selection

Based on an agreed daily rate


For temporary assignments or option to start directly afterwards


Curious to see your match?

Do you still have questions or would you like some more information about a particular vacancy? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions. 

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Anne Verbeeck - Managing partner