Partner in recruitment during the growth/change of your company

When your organization expands, grows or when employees are absent for a longer period of time (maternity leave), it often means that you have to start looking for new talent which can be deployed quickly. But unfortunately it is not always easy to find this talent.

As a partner in Consultancy, Bimona is happy to help your company find and recruit the right talent.

1. Partner in Consultancy: the match between company and consultant

As Partner in Consultancy, we always focus on understanding the needs of your company. We do our utmost to fill your vacancies within the agreed term by finding the right match between your company and our Consultant. 

The term consultancy is loosely translated as "giving advice" but often goes beyond this. As a consultant you help companies to prepare, lead, execute projects... You act as an independent expert and make your knowledge/experience available to a client on a temporary basis in order to compensate for a (temporary) "shortage" of knowledge, skills or manpower.

2. Consultancy: Experts for (temporary) projects

More and more companies choose to deploy extra experienced employees on a project basis, for a certain duration/task with a specific expertise. In other words: a fast, efficient work force that contributes immediately to the growth of your company.

As a partner in consultancy we noticed that we have 2 types of clients. On the one hand we have long-term projects with top 100 companies, but we also select high quality profiles for SMEs looking for short-term Consultants with relevant experience so that they can pass on their expertise to the company in question. 

Our branch partner in consultancy is still expanding, which means that we are always open to new interesting projects within Engineering and Life Sciences.

The duration of an agreement with the client may vary from a few months to several years. We strive for long-term relationships with both our candidates and our clients and therefore immediately offer our candidates a contract of indefinite duration.

3. Try and Hire: Does the company culture fit the Consultant and vice versa?

A formula that allows us to give Consultants and employers the opportunity to try and see if it clicks for a longer period of time. Important here is that we have a clear picture of the specific needs/requirements that the company has in mind for this particular position.

  • What kind of profile are you looking for? (knowledge)
  • Are there growth opportunities?
  • What is the company's culture and what personality fits in?

As partner in consulting we're able to provide the perfect match between company and consultant.

4. Try and Hire: during agreed period

We determine in advance how long the try-out period will last. During this period ....

  • the consultant is on our payroll, after which you can hire him permanently
  • We provide the necessary follow-up, in the form of an evaluation and performance interviews. We steer the consultant where necessary.

--> If one of the two parties does not find a perfect match, we use a mutual notice period.

5. Our consulting services

Bimona Consultancy is active in the following sectors:

  • Chemistry/Petrochemistry, Healthcare/Life Sciences, Engineering/Construction, Transport & Logistics, HR, Information Technology

Do you need a consultant in one of the above sectors? Whether you are looking for junior, medior or senior profiles, with Bimona you will always find the expertise you need, in any field. 

As a partner in Consultancy, we link talented Consultants to growing and changing businesses and provide insights that are essential when recruiting new employees. 


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