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Do you like your freedom, but would you like to work as a professional for some top clients? In other words, are you looking for a freelance assignment that takes your preferences, budget and expertise into account? Then you have found the right website. Working as a freelancer has never been easier. 

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We have a wide range of interesting freelance jobs where you stay in charge! You enjoy the freedom of working as a freelancer and you choose which assignments you do or do not accept. We take care of the assignments, the administration and planning, so you can focus on your job and your passion.

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Freelance assignments: Where to start?

Does it excite you to start a business and you can' t wait to get your hands dirty?

In other words: Do you currently have a permanent job but have you been dreaming of becoming self-employed for some time and don't know how to actually get started? 

We are here to help you.

There is a lot to consider in a life of self-employment. It is therefore only logical that you, as a future Freelancer, are left with some of the following uncertainties/questions:  

  • How do I handle my administration?
  • What about my monthly "fixed" income? 
  • Which (hourly) rate fits best with my current life/work style?
  • What about the certainty in terms of projects?

Good news: Even then Bimona can be of assistance to you! Thanks to many years of expertise, we can personally guide you through the entire process (A-Z) of becoming a freelancer.

Below we have already put together a step-by-step plan to get you started. 

1. Self-employed or payroll?

First of all, it is important to know if you really want to become self-employed. Do you opt for this? Then make sure you register with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises ( and apply for your enterprise number. 

Or would you prefer not to be self-employed yet? 

Then the best choice is a payroll system. As a self-employed person, you look for freelance assignments yourself, but you work with an intermediary. You are temporarily employed for the assignment and thus receive a salary just like an employee. 

It is up to you to decide how you prefer to make the transition to Freelancer

2.    Self-employment as your main or as a secondary profession?   

Do you choose to become self-employed? Then you need to ask yourself the following question "Do you want to become a Freelancer in main or secondary profession?"  The difference between these two options is that in a secondary profession you are still eligible to receive the same benefits as in a main profession. For example, social security / compensation for your pension / 401k payout. 

3.    What about administration?

Becoming a freelancer involves a lot of administration. Therefore is of huge importance to keep your papers in order from the beginning and to open a second account for your business. It is much easier to manage another account for your freelance assignments.

4.    How do I know which rate to set? 

The price you charge and set for performed services is obviously a very important part of your success. You don't want to charge too much but asking too little is not always a good thing either. So it's important to look for a good balance. We suggest you compare with other Freelancers in the area/with the same expertise, and find out if they prefer to work per hour or per commission.

5.    How do I find clients/projects?  

All is settled but the assignments keep coming? 

Then be sure to register on our website. We bring freelancers and clients in contact with each other! It is also important to make yourself visible on the Internet by creating a website where you clearly explain your services. Finally, your own network is also an important source of potential clients. So try to network when you see the opportunity.

6.    References  

It is important to present yourself in a good light. Therefore ask your clients to write a good reference about your services, which you can add to your website. This will ensure that future clients will be more inclined to choose you for their next important project. 

We hope these six tips will help you move forward and make your freelance dream a reality. 

Do you have accounting or other questions? 

Be sure to contact us! We offer help with your accounting questions and guide you from one long-term project to another.

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