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Bimona focuses on three key bottleneck markets: ICT, Life Sciences and Engineering. Given that these are really three different niche markets we can state that our own network is an important source of candidates for Bimona. It goes without saying that we encourage this network to refer acquaintances and friends to us. Through word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied consultants and candidates, whom we placed with our clients, we succeeded in further expanding our network. Because of our personal guidance and the fact that we always put the needs of both parties first, we were able to build and maintain a very good relationship over the years with both client and candidate.

Below you will find some references of which we are very proud. 

"I have been working for the customer for three weeks now, as a Validation Engineer, and have not regretted my choice for a second. The job and the company culture fit my personality perfectly! I would therefore like to thank you for putting me and my direct supervisor in touch with each other."

"Thanks to Vanessa from Bimona, I found my current job. After only one week of looking, she put me in touch with a company that had a job opportunity that was right up my alley. The communication was also very smooth and I could always contact her with questions."

Interested in expanding our network together?

If so, you will of course be rewarded. For years Bimona has been working with a "Recommend-a-friend" system where you can earn up to 900 euros for just a minimal amount of effort. 

Naturally you will be rewarded depending on the importance of the profile. 

  • Do you know someone in your network with +3 years of work experience? When they start up, you will receive a gift cheque of 900€!
  • Does your network mainly consist of young graduates, potential candidates who have 0 to 3 years of work experience? Then you will receive a gift voucher of € 300 upon placement of these candidate! 
  • Are you introducing a Freelancer to us? Then the above conditions apply from a contract of 6 months. 

I find a job that fits a friend, colleague or acquaintance.

I share this job with him/her by mail or share the job through my social network (LinkedIn, Facebook, ...).

I forward the contact details of my friend, colleague or acquaintance to Bimona or he/she applies directly to Bimona for this job.

If my friend, colleague or acquaintance is hired, I receive a gift voucher starting from €300 (young graduates up to 3 years of work experience) to €900 (starting from 3 years of work experience or for freelancers from a 6-month contract). 
*You will be eligible for a reward as long as the candidate remains in service for at least 6 months.

Are you up to this challenge? Make sure to put us in touch with your network, we are already looking forward to it!

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Curious to see your match?

Do you still have questions or would you like some more information about a particular vacancy? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions. 

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Anne Verbeeck - Managing partner

Recruitment and selection: Our expertise

example coding as offer within recruitment and selection
ICT & Digital
Project Managers, Infrastructure & Support Staff, Security Specialists, IT Managers, BI, Architects, Business, Functional, Data & Process Analysts, Developers, ...
Process Engineer, Project Managers, E&I, QA, Production & Logistics, Project Managers, Site Managers, Prevention Advisor, Operators, HVAC, Mechanical, ...
Life Sciences

Bachelor & Masters & Doctorates in various specializations for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Recruitment and selection and so much more

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Vacancies in the spotlight

What if we told you now that Bimona is more than just a recruitment and selection company?

Previously Bimona focused primarily on recruitment and selection but over the years our expertise has grown and we have identified a wider range of needs:

  • Our client base + our database expanded enormously within Life scienceEngineering en ICT;
  • We get more requests to fill in temporary projects;
  • We increasingly receive the request of consultants and freelancers for temporary projects.

Thus, we expanded our expertise /core business - Recruitment and Selection - and started to delve more and more into the request for consultants for long-term projects and freelancers.

A permanent contract of indefinite duration

Recruitment and selection

Based on an agreed daily rate


For temporary assignments or option to start directly afterwards


Curious to see your match?

Do you still have questions or would you like some more information about a particular vacancy? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions. 

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Anne Verbeeck - Managing partner