Partner in recruitment during the growth/change of your company

When your organization expands or grows, it often means that you have to start looking for new talent. But unfortunately it is not always easy to find this talent. Are you looking for a recruitment partner? We are happy to assist your company and find the talent you are looking for. 

As recruitment partner Bimona really takes on any challenge! Bimona helps companies to attract and recruit the right talent, within the areas of expertise. 

Recruitment Partner

As a recruitment partner, over the years, we focused on understanding the needs of your company. We do our utmost to fill your vacancies within the agreed term by finding the right match between your company and the applicant. For that reason we, as a recruitment partner, also offer the following formulas.  This way every company or applicant finds the formula that fits him/her perfectly. We list all our formulas below. 

1. Exclusivity

With this formula we refer to the fact that the vacancy can only be filled by Bimona. It goes without saying that, as a recruitment partner, we handle this exclusive function as a priority. 

For the recruitment and selection of candidates, we work very closely with our clients in order to find the best person for the vacancy (ICT, Life Sciences and Engineering). For example, we prepare a shortlist of some suitable candidates that are presented before we interview them. All you as a client have to do is choose who your company prefers to hire.

2. No-cure-no-pay

As the name suggests, our no-cure-no-pay/ no-hire-no-fee service is free until the moment a candidate presented by us is hired by you, the client. 

3. Experts for (temporary) projects

More companies are choosing to deploy extra experienced employees on a project basis, for a certain duration/task (temporary projects) with a specific expertise. 

The duration of an agreement with the customer can vary from a few months to several years. We strive for long-term relationships with both our candidates and our clients and therefore immediately offer our candidates a contract of indefinite duration.

4. Try and Hire

As the name suggests, this is a formula whereby we give our candidates and employers the opportunity to try out whether or not it’s a match. In other words: Does the company culture fit the candidate and does the candidate fit the company culture? 

5. Freelancers

Do you need a freelancer? Everything is possible at Bimona. 

As a recruitment partner, we link talented employees to growing and changing companies and provide insights that are essential when recruiting new employees. 


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