Consultancy: Experts for (temporary) projects

Although we used to be known as a Recruitment and Selection Office, in 2021 Bimona has expanded its core business and is increasingly focusing on Consultancy. This means that we search within our network for the right candidate at the right place, for relevant "temporary" assignments. 

Our consultancy formula

More and more companies are opting to deploy extra experienced staff/consultants on a project basis, for a specific duration (temporary projects)/task with a specific expertise. And that is exactly where Bimona, with its Consultancy formula, can offer the solution. 

Benefits for companies are:

  • flexible use of extra resources (you pay per hour or per day); 
  • flexible planning of duration depending on the progress of the project;
  • balanced budget planning at the start of the project.

Furthermore, this option is particularly suited to candidates (consultants) who like variation and at the same time want security and stability. 

The duration of an agreement with the client can vary from a few months to several years. We strive for long-term relationships with both our candidates and our clients. That is why we offer our candidates a permanent contract from the outset.

What Bimona attaches great importance to is the regular follow-up of candidates. In this way we want to make it clear to both the client and the candidate that they are not alone in their consultancy assignment but that we continue to provide support where they are struggling.

Try and Hire

Furthermore, we offer this new Consultancy formula because we notice that applicants are increasingly looking for: 

  • further development of their skills and increasing their experience;
  • challenging projects at large reference companies.
  • for a first experience as a consultant (open-ended contract) with the possibility/opportunity of an internal permanent contract afterwards.

This Consultancy formula gives the candidate the opportunity to gain experience with major market leaders, which they can then use as a stepping stone to start internally. 

Corporate culture and cultural fit are more important than ever and at Bimona, we are well aware of that.

However, this makes finding the perfect match just a bit more challenging. With our Consultancy formula Try and Hire we offer the solution.

  • Candidates and employers get the opportunity to try out whether (or not) it meets their expectations over a longer period of time.
  • Does the company culture fit the candidate and does the candidate fit the company culture? 
  • Results in a bigger success stor, namely the perfect match for both client and candidate.
  • During this period both parties get to know the way of working better and after a considerable period of time applicants are offered the possibility to apply internally on a permanent basis.

Curious to see your match?

Do you still have questions or would you like some more information about a particular vacancy? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions. 

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