Recruitment and selection as a tool for finding the right candidates for your company

For many companies, taking on the recruitment and selection of candidates is very intensive and time consuming. In some cases it can even prevent companies from fully concentrating on their core business, making it more difficult to move forward as planned.  And that is where Bimona can help you.

Our know-how

Bimona is a specialist in the recruitment of bottleneck vacancies and helps your company to search and find the right candidates for hard-to-fill vacancies. This is possible thanks to our years of acquired know-how (in recruitment and selection), our extensive network and pool of candidates and of course also thanks to our perseverance. Furthermore we have a team (our team page) of driven recruiters who always succeed in bringing in valuable candidates for these bottleneck vacancies within the following sectors: ICT, Life Sciences and Engineering.

Recruitment and selection formulas tailored to both client and candidate

1.    Exclusivity

With the Exclusivity formula we indicate, within recruitment and selection, that the vacancy can only be filled by Bimona. It goes without saying that Bimona gives priority to this exclusive function. 

For the recruitment and selection of candidates, we work very closely with our clients to find the best person for the vacancy (ICT, Life Sciences and Engineering) (links to vacancy pages of these). Thus we draw up a shortlist of a few suitable candidates who will be presented before we interview them. (job search page) We take into account the important aspects such as education, skills, location, salary indication etc. 

  • Thorough in-house company and job analysis
  • Database search / network search 
  • Online advertising (Bimona website, Google, LinkedIn, ...)
  • Competency-based interview (STAR), in-depth recruitment report & reference check 

All you as a client have to do is choose who your company prefers to hire.

2.    No-cure-no-pay 

As the name suggests, our no-cure-no-pay/no-hire-no-fee service is free until a candidate proposed by us is hired by you as our client. 

  • Database search / network search / recommend-a-friend
  • Online publication
  • Competency-based interview (STAR) & reference check
  • 2-weekly update of our search

Curious to see your match?

Do you still have questions or would you like some more information about a particular vacancy? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions. 

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